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Newspapers, websites, schools, NASA… everyone announced the great event of the century. I remember watching a video teaching how animals would behave during the darkness of the moon shadow (link).

Steele Creek Park announced free special glasses for everyone! And so I went there with my son and a visitor from Brazil. Photo cameras, camcorders, and telescopes where everyone. I’m not sure how many people where there.  Maybe less then excepted anyway.

Count down…. sun almost totally covered…  but … wait a moment!  It never got totally covered, and the moon started to go away…  It took a while for some people to realize it was over.  No darkness. Frustration on many faces, that, although appreciated the image using the special glasses, expected so much more.

Anyways, thank you “friends of steele creek park”  for the distribution of free glasses!  You are amazing !

Wallace Moura

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