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Most people don’t know yet, but Tricies has now a complete and powerful music and video production studio.  We’re talking about  six acres of land which can be used for production!  

The facility provides meeting and interview rooms, 3 sound chambers, costumes and prop rooms (and outside props such as military trucks), a theater and an amazing green green studio for special effects production.  

The studio also provides a gym, an entertainment room with pool table and a bar, and overnight accommodations for crew and actors! Yes, it’s a mini Hollywood right here in the Tricitites region!

Besides all mentioned above, the studio counts on an experienced filmmaker, a professional VFX editor, and a sound engineer. All you need for a professional video production. 

1426 Love Station Rd. Erwin, Tennessee 37650
Appalachian Trail 1.5 miles away
15 minutes south of Johnson City, TN
40 minutes north of Asheville, NC 

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